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To spark a love of learning in all children through the freedom of exploration and imaginative play

Our Core Values

  • Inspire imagination and life-long learning through a safe and hands-on educational environment
  • Respect all children and their diversity
  • Serve as an interactive community resource
  • Create a sense of belonging for all children, families, caregivers, and educators
  • Celebrate the rich historical culture and the unique beauty of the Pee Dee Region
  • Seek community partnerships and collaborations that benefit all children
  • Promote the health and well-being of children and families of the Pee Dee


title aboutus vision

The Board of Directors envisions the Children's Museum of the Pee Dee to be three-fold in theme once a physical space is created. Educational, hands on exhibits will be designed to celebrate what makes the Pee Dee region both unique and beautiful. These themes will support and encourage the expression of our Core Values and will be further enhanced with fluctuating exhibits that highlight the diversity and depth of the Pee Dee.

  1. The Railroad
    1. All children love trains! As a town born from the railroad, we believe an emphasis on trains is an excellent way to allow children to explore history, science and the sociological effects that transportation has had on our community.
    2. We would like to develop a relationship with CSX and other community industries that have been affected by and are an integral part in the railroad.
  2. The Pee Dee River
    1. The Pee Dee River is a distinct geographical landmark for our community from where we draw our name. Areas of exploration include natural history, ecology, geology and even sociology (ie. "Why did settlers follow rivers?")
    2. It also reminds us of the Native American heritage that is ours in the Pee Dee. There is much to learn about history and another culture through the study of the people who were in this place before us.
  3. Agriculture
    1. Agriculture has shaped our region since the first settlers and continues to be one of the largest industries of the Pee Dee.
    2. Using agriculture as a broad theme, children will learn about science, nutrition, health, history and gain an overall respect for the environment.


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